The Congregation of the Franciscan sisters of St. Anna have institutions that take care of the orphans and and  visually impaired persons.

Nyang’oma Special School for the hearing challenged.


St. Mary’s primary school for the Deaf came into existence in August 1961 at Lwak Parish which is 24km away.  After a few months it was transferred to Nyang’oma which it its present location.  It was one of the first schools which came into existence in Kenya  and the whole of East Africa.  This school opened ways for many other such schools.


The school was the brain child of Fr. John Van de Ouderaa who was the parish priest of Nyang’oma.  Since he did not have knowledge in the education of the deaf, he approached the Franciscan Sisters of St. Anna in Oudenbosch (Netherlands) to come and start the school.  Therefore, the school was co-founded by Fr. Van de Ouderaa and the Franciscan Sisters of St. Anna.  St. Antonietta de jong became the first headmistress of the school.

School Achievements

As the first school for the deaf, it became the eye opener for education for the deaf in the country and At least each county now has a school for the deaf. Since its inception the school has graduated 866 deaf youths.  Most of them leading good lives as parents.  Some acquired jobs and are contributing to the development of the country.  Others are teachers for the deaf children in various ways.  Some of the old pupils have formed associations to assist the welfare of the Deaf children and the youth.

Apart from academic work, the school exposes the children to co curricular activities. In   1993 and 2005, the school choir was invited to entertain the President and other dignitaries at state house in Nairobi and Nakuru respectively.
Future Plans

To buy a bigger school bus for use during co-curricular activities and education toursBuild administration block
Improve staffing

Improve academic performance

Complete staff houses – house construction project

Increased number of orphans.
Limited job opportunities
Inadequate finance
Low academic achievements for deaf learners
Communication barrier
Minimum intake at Fr. Ouderaa.