St. Dymphna Madiany Special School for the Mentally Handicapped

StMentally Challenged - St. Dyphina Special School - Madiany.Dymphna  Madiany special school for the mentally handicapped is a catholic sponsored school in Arch Diocese of Kisumu, it is  situated in Nyanza Province,  Rarieda District ,Madiany Division,  Lieta  sub-location ,Administration Zone Owimbi. The school was started as a result of Assessment  which was carried out  by the then Siaya Educational Assessment and Resource Centre ,the assessment  revealed that approximately 2500 were mentally challenged and not receiving any  form of education.

As a result of this, the local community through the ministry of education started the unit which is now a registered school  for the mentally challenged is therefore to provide educational and vocational training programmes  to these children or learners with Special educational need.

The school community together with the sponsor   then generously donated 3.5 acre of land from Madiany  primary school and that is where the special school is today. This is the only one of the school of this kind to care for such students in both Rarieda and any other mentally challenged from all over the country when facilities will be available.